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The settlement of Wheatland was first called Yankee Run, named for the stream that runs just south of town.  It has grown into the present town of Wheatland.

John L. Bennett, founder of the town, came from Delaware County, New York. In 1856 he purchased 200 acres from Erastus Chubb and William Holmes and built a home.  He moved his wife and two children, Edwin and Almeda, here in 1859.  This home was located near 107 E Washington Street.

When the Chicago Northwestern Railroad Company was coming in 1858, Bennett gave 20 acres to the railroad company and platted the town.  He renamed the town Wheatland after President James Buchanan’s estate near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Petition for Incorporation of the Town of Wheatland was filed July 13, 1869 in the Clinton County Recorder’s office.

For many years, Wheatland was served by two railroads, the Davenport and St. Paul Railroad ran north and south about a quarter mile east of Wheatland.  It later became Chicago, Milwaukee, & St. Paul Line.  It was disbanded in 1940.  The other railroad, the Chicago Northwestern ran east and west. The Union Pacific Railroad still operates on this route through Wheatland.

In 1879 Wheatland had a business district that supported 1000 people and the surrounding rural area.  Five disastrous fires through the years kept Wheatland from growing.  Now it is a town of about 800 people supported by fewer businesses than in early years. 




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